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Time is the most important resource we have on any given day, and if we don’t make proper use of that time we are standing in the way of our self-growth.

Out of many things that we can do to benefit from every second of our day, having a proper To-do list of the tasks that we need to accomplish, will give us a sense of true accomplishment at the end of the day. Focusing on the things that we need to do is a major step towards organizing and winning our day while smashing our goals.

If we do the right tasks every day, the culmination of these small actions will show in couple of weeks, months, or years as a huge success

Let’s start by thinking of every task we have for that day, make the usual To-do list, put everything there, and then go one by one and categorize each task into one of the categories below. After that, we discuss the importance of it, and how it will ultimately organize your schedule

Life Related Tasks

These tasks are the foundation of your day, it can be your job, your duties, your dues, or anything that has to be done today and cannot be rescheduled or shouldn’t. These are the things you can’t run from, taking kids to school, finishing a work project, finishing a school project, and so on.

Self Growth Tasks

If you are properly setting goals, and pursuing new habits, you will find yourself with tasks that work on these targets. Now put these tasks here, it can be anything from reading a book, practicing meditation, going to the gym, exercising, or spending time with family, and friends, this kind of tasks.

Mindless tasks

After you have the most important tasks written, those of life foundation and self-growth, now it is important to identify which tasks are mindless. It means that you can do those tasks without putting much effort, or thinking about them a lot. They became second nature to you. It can be something like checking your emails or organizing some set of documents, this can stretch pretty far in specifics, it is different for every single person because the mindless tasks are the habits each individual pursued to mastery. It is important to know which tasks do not require lots of effort and put them together.

Till now we don’t have something crazy, we still have all the noise present in our day, just more fancy cause it’s categorized.
These two last categories make the difference.

Tasks that can be delegated

You have no idea how much of a life changer it is when you realize that the tasks you are doing, shouldn’t entirely be done by you, and they can be delegated to someone else. This also is very specific to each situation but if we take the previous examples, if we are thinking in terms of taking kids to school, maybe someone else can take them, if we are thinking in terms of projects, these projects are usually dissected into smaller steps and maybe you don’t have to do all the smaller steps yourself, think of a research that instead of being conducted by you it’s delegated to an intern and so on. Identifying tasks that can be delegated will make a huge difference in your workflow.

The hardest part for some people is delegating work. You need to understand that you are not taking responsibilities off of you, you are simply removing unnecessary work, that shouldn’t be done by you in the first place, clearing up your day so you take your time doing the meaningful tasks to achieve the best quality work on those tasks

A Not To-do list

We are often focused on the things we have to do, and we end up doing more than we should. No one is good at everything, and if you can’t identify what you’re good at, you might be spending so much time on irrelevant tasks that are eating a lot of time out of your schedule without bringing the optimal results.
Creating a Not To-do list is crucial, tasks that you’re not going to take no matter what happens. It can be due to several reasons, maybe these tasks can simply be delegated, maybe you are not good at doing these tasks, and so on.

Now that we categorized our tasks, it is time to schedule and organize your day.

For you to feel that you won your day and accomplished your goals, you need to finish the life-related tasks, and the self-growth tasks.

They say the human brain works at its best roughly two hours after waking up, so when you look at your tasks, you want to prioritize doing the “Life tasks” first, the important ones, and leave the “mindless tasks” for the afternoon or for when you feel you are less productive.

The Not To-do list and delegation will make it so much easier to just turn down tasks that will only hinder your workflow, and as a result of that, the tasks that you will be doing, will be only the important ones that are working in harmony with your goals, habits, and life, therefore you will be spending the day doing the things that you truly want to do and for that, you will be more excited to tackle that To-do list, instead of just being bombarded by tasks.

We often reach the end of a very busy day where we didn’t stop to take a breather going from one task to another, only to realize we haven’t truly accomplished anything!

How did that happen?

We were so focused on finishing “the mindless tasks”, or “tasks that should’ve been delegated” or skipped that it feels like we haven’t accomplished anything.

this is what we aim to change by structuring and organizing our to-do list to win the day and benefit from it

Every single positive change we do in our day to organize it and enhance it is a step towards a better life and a more structured self-growth.

When you try this method, I look forward to hear your story, how did this method affect your workflow? and how did it change your day? share in the comments below

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